A new strategic cycle is beginning in which we focus on three major areas for development:

  • a spirit of conquest in the profitable civilian nuclear sector, with the aim of making a visible contribution to its flagship projects
  • a spirit of accompaniment for our major clients, using an adapted, reactive organisation to meet their explicit and implicit needs as closely as possible
  • a spirit of service to local industries, contributing sustained pace and technical monitoring

A better understanding of the issues and facilitated global communication provide lasting, day-to-day support for:

  • aggressive, targeted sales activities
  • appropriate technical proposals
  • technical, time-spread and financial monitoring of our clients'projects
  • an anticipation of product non-quality problems
  • closer control over our procurement
  • individual employee training: a guarantee of skills development
  • a climate based on individual and collective responsibility, anticipation and integrity
  • an ongoing progress approach incorporating feedback from client audits

In this context, the Quality Department, with the full support of Senior Management, promotes continuing improvement and works to maintain ISO 9001 certification at its highest level of application.

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