Benefit of our offer

  • Prototype, small and medium series industrialisation
  • Turnkey services: Design, Sheet metal, Painting, Integration, Tests
  • Customer's electrical components integration
  • Manufacturing reports, internal feedbacks
  • Intensity up to 4000A and voltage in 24 and 36 KV
  • Bespoke tests, (short-circuit current, internal arc, seismic)
  • Fixed and mobile solution (skid, trailer, platform)
  • Test and integration workshop, (1200m², Overhead crane up to 10T and 9m under hook for testing)
  • Mechanical and thermal resistance calculations
  • Functional tests (hydraulic, thermal impedance, injections)
  • Test and integration workshop, (1200m², Overhead crane up to 10T and 9m under hook for testing)
  • Electrical and mechanical 3D design
  • Bespoke manufacturing from client’s specification

Specific equipment realisation, HV:

  • Ducts interconnection or adaptation between cells
  • Bus ducts between switchboard
  • Partition feed-through for HV,
  • Pyrobreaker cells function, circuit breaker, contactor, isolating switch, lightning arrester…
  • Auto-transformer electrical station


  • Metallic electrical sub-station (aluminium / stainless / steel) with self supporting base
  • Configuration modularity and option (insulation, air conditioning, fire detection and extinction)
  • Manufacturer’s components integration

Integration inside containers:

  • 20’’ and 40’’ containers personalisation (standard containers)
  • Specific equipment integration (hydraulic, air heater, transformer, HV cells (24KV), control command, semiconductor diodes and thyristors)
  • Options: insulation, air conditioning, sound proofing

Other realisations:

  • TGBT high power
  • ACDC switchboard
  • Rail application (Canisters, traction and polarities switchboard…)
  • Cockpits (tunnel)
  • Bus ducts (HV)

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