Q : What is your experience in the defence sector?

A : We have been present in this sector for more than 30 years and provided equipment for military programs, specially for the NAVY.
We have manufactured energy distribution equipment and power convertor equipment.

Q : Why did you choose an integrated structure?

A : Defence equipment is specific. They are requesting a know-how in dimensioning and manufacturing of the mechanical enclosure and the complex integration of the electro-technical components in a confined environment. Our integrated structure design/manufacturing/integration/tests brings this Know-how.
From the design, we take account of the requirement of demanding environment. (Mechanical chocs, vibrations, heat dissipation, confinement). Our technicians in the design department have these double skills: sheet metal work/electricity.

We are manufacturing the cutting and the welding (qualified welders) of our metal sheets. We are also treating and painting surfaces respecting specific standards (against corrosion).

A qualified team who is dedicated to our Defence projects integrates all the electro-technical components and the cooling systems (hydraulics). This task requires special skills in order to allow the cohabitation of powerful elements (copper bar), control command (wires and connectors), network, fibre optic, pipes…

We are managing the controls and tests: compliance, continuity, electrical and hydraulic.
This organisation brings from the design, the integrator’s point of view and all along the project the capacity to manage the evolutions.

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