Q : What is your experience in the nuclear sector?

A : We have been present in this sector for more than 30 years and provided equipment for all of the nuclear power plants in France and also abroad.
We provide LV, HV and control command equipment. For example, we have manufactured about 2 000 boxes and cabinets for the EPR Flamanville as part of the contract IEG (General Electrical Installations)

Q : Which current highlighted problems are you treating?

A : We are bringing our know-how in the dimensioning of specific enclosures and electrical integration inline with the nuclear requirements.
We control the design process, the dimensioning, the qualification and the manufacturing of the equipment.

We are designing our sheetmetal in compliance with the earthquakes technical needs. (K3)
We are applying the painting procedure in accordance to the CCTR (decontaminable paint)
We are wiring the components and controlling the electrical equipment respecting the RCCE-2012 code.

Q : How do you manage the quality aspects in a nuclear project?

A : A consolidated quality department is taking care of all the AIP (Important Activity for Protection), the associate controls, monitoring file, the specification and qualification of welding procedures and the EoMR : End Of Manufacturing Report.
All our employees are formed or sensitised to the nuclear safety.

Q : Why do you include the command control studies into your offer?

A : Many of our clients now want to refocus on their core business (...), and outsource some design tasks to a trusted network of partners.

This is why Peinta has extended its offer of full integration by bringing the command control part. Today, we offer turn-key solutions for small-scale projects in the nuclear sector and service solutions for the projects of larger size.

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